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05/05/2021 AB375

This is your chance to speak out for AB375!

Here is an AB375 (Raising the teaching cap to 80 to 85 percent) support letter from Michael Young, our Lobbyist. (Click to Download Support Letter)

For those of you who don’t know, AB375 was put into suspense (effectively a hold) in appropriations because there were some costs falsely attached to it. They added some false health care costs and the cost of giving every part-timer an 85% load – which this bill does NOT do. CFT is working to have this estimate revised. 

On May 21st, it will be determined whether it is to be voted out of suspense or not–we obviously want it out of suspense!

This letter is addressed to Lorean Gonzalez, the Chair of Assembly Appropriations. We need to get as many of these letters signed and sent as possible. In Saturday’s CCC meeting, Michael also encouraged us to reach out to supportive board members and have them send in letters, as this will have added impact.

When you sign the letter you can forward your letter to Micheal Young and he will make sure they are submitted correctly. Michael’s email is myoung@cft.org. Note the date above. The letters need to arrive a couple of days before May 21st.

Good luck on your efforts and to seeing AB375 Move forward!

Click to Download Support Letter

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YCAFT: The voice of part time faculty at Yuba Community College District