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The statewide focus is on YCCD: A new CFT article featuring our YC-AFT president Trevor Kraft. It highlights his experience with serious medical complications with no health insurance as a part-time instructor for YCCD. It points the finger at YCCD for dragging its feet on taking advantage of the state program that reimburses the district 100% for the health care premiums they could provide for us. Read the full article on the CFT website here.

Faculty Wellness = Student Success!

Yuba Community College faculty provide training and education vital to the success of our region. But for far too long, the District has failed to create an environment where faculty are adequately supported to guide students through their educational journey.

Please consider signing the petition to urge the YCCD to agree to a fair contract as soon as possible that ensures parity for part-time faculty!



California community colleges rely too much on part-time faculty and misspend funds, audit finds

State auditor faults state chancellor’s office for not providing proper oversight

Read the Article from EdSourse

This whole series is pretty spot on. It’s called Gig by Gig. You can access it at Gig by Gig At California Community Colleges

You can see the whole audit at California Community Colleges

Adjuncts sue California community college system, eight local districts over unpaid work hours

Urge Governor Newsom to increase the workload cap for part-time community college faculty

Please take a moment to urge Governor Newsom to sign AB 1856, which would formally increase the workload cap available to part-time faculty from 67% up to 85% of a full-time faculty workload in California’s community colleges.

Under the current law, too many part-time faculty members are forced to work in multiple community college districts to piece together a full time schedule, hurting not only their ability to make a living, but their ability to participate in the campus community and be a resource to students. Click to draft your letter!

No one in higher ed is fixing this overlooked crisis for instructors

Adjunct faculty members are struggling. It’s time to treat them like the valuable contributors they are, writes Chegg’s chief academic officer.

It’s time to fix the two-tiered faculty system at California’s community colleges

“Part-time faculty teach the majority of courses in California’s community colleges; without them, the largest community college system in America would grind to a halt. But lack of health care and other benefits, lower pay and artificial limitations on how many courses they teach condemns far too many part-time community college instructors to below-poverty line incomes. It’s time for this to change.”

TAKE ACTION | End the Social Security Penalties! | WEP/GPO Repeal Toolkit

The national Alliance for Retired Americans started a petition to push the U.S. Congress to enact legislation that will repeal the WEP and GPO. Add your support by signing on to the petition. It’s fast and easy

Tell the State Legislature: program changes are needed to ensure access to quality, affordable healthcare for part-time faculty

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05/20/2022 Legislative Update

Governor directs even more funding to education in May Revision


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