FLEX for Part Timers

The Yuba Community College District participates in an alternate calendar and course scheduling program known as the FLEX Program (also known as the FLEXible Calendar Program). This program allows the district to replace actual classroom instructional hours with alternative professional development activities. These hours are in-lieu-of regular instruction so faculty are obligated to complete the “in-lieu-of” hours with development activities focused in three distinct areas: Staff Improvement, Student Improvement, and Instructional Improvement. Your participation in FLEX results in additional compensation when completed and reported.  As of Fall 2020, All PT Faculty are required to do FLEX hours, regardless of teaching modality.

How do you start?

Each main campus (Yuba and Woodland) has its own FLEX site.  If you work at several campuses, your FLEX obligation will be pulled into one spot for ease of reporting.  You will need to have your Colleague ID and password to access the FLEX reporting site. 

You will have to “Update/Create My FLEX Agreement” every semester you teach at YCCD.  Once you have updated/created your FLEX agreement, click on “Manage your FLEX Agreement” to add activities. There is a “Help” button if you need assistance in creating your agreement or adding FLEX activities.  If you need one-on-one assistance, please contact your YC-AFT PT representative on the FLEX committee. 

Useful information about FLEX

Any unused complete flex hours for the Fall semester can be used to satisfy your Spring semester FLEX requirements. CompletedFLEX from Spring cannot be carried forward but can be used to meet uncompleted FLEX obligations from the previous fall. FLEX can be completed within the academic year (July through May) for either semester. There are no FLEX requirements for the Summer semester.  The FLEX committee is actively seeking part-time faculty to present workshops. As college faculty, part-timers have a lot of expertise to offer YCCD. This is your chance to shine. It is also a great way to complete your FLEX obligation. The workshop presenter may claim up to three (3) times the credit of the actual hours of the workshop for FLEX. If you are interested in presenting a FLEX activity, contact your FLEX committee.

For WCC go to  https://apps.yccd.edu/flex/FlexHome

For YC go to  https://yc.yccd.edu/about/faculty-staff/flex-workshops/