Keeping in Touch

YCAFT Website

We try to place many useful links and resources on our website such as our bylaws, constitution, current contract, contact information, back issues of our newsletter, meeting minutes, and lots of other information. Please take a moment to explore our website. If you feel that something is missing, or, you would like some help with the website, please contact our Media Chair.


You can reach us through our email at or via our Contact Us page.

It is important that you share your personal email with YCAFT. Sensitive information cannot be sent through District email ( as the district has access to all information sent through the district mail. email

It is important to monitor your district email. You can forward your mail to your personal account. email can be forwarded to the account of one’s choice: Turn on automatic forwarding in Outlook on the web. Be aware that forwarding email is not always reliable.We encourage you to use personal email while conducting any matters that are considered sensitive and or confidential, and use college email for college business.

Single Sign-On

From the single sign-on, you can access self-service for your college, while it lasts web-advisor, Canvas, email (aka Office 365), District Services, and college libraries. Using Self-Service, or Web Advisor, you can access positive attendance, print shop requests, and parking decals. For Self-Service, you need to use Faculty Overview for teaching-related links and Employee takes you to employment-related areas such as tax info or earnings statements.

The Single Sign-On is how you get to your FLEX agreement, district calendar, library, print shop and so much more. Use your YCCD (Colleague) ID and password.

How to get your colleague number

Your Colleague ID number is very important. It is your log-in Single Sign-On, which takes you to YCCD email, Canvas, Self-Service, and Web Advisor. If you need help finding your employee ID or signing on to Single Sign-On use the Need Help? Which will take you to a help page with all the answers.


Grades and census rosters are reported through the Faculty tab. Pay advices (pay stubs) and W2s are located on the Employee tab. You can view your position summary and stipends there.


Grades and census rosters are reported through the Faculty Overview menu item. Earning Statements (pay stubs) and W2s are located on the Employee Menu.

Check your pay advice/earning statements often as errors in payroll are frequent.

Campus Mailboxes

All part-time faculty, including librarians and counselors, are entitled to a district mailbox. These are located in the administration area of each campus, except Marysville campus where your mailbox is in your division office. If you do not have one and wish to have one, contact a union officer and we will take care of it.

Office Space

You are entitled to office space with a computer. This is usually shared office space. Contact your dean or union rep to find out where the location of part-time faculty office space is at your location.